Jung Da Eun Claims MONSTA X’s Wonho Still Owes Her Money

“Hoseok, when are you going to pay me back my money?” – Jung Da Eun

Allzzang Generation‘s Jung Da Eun recently took a jab at MONSTA X‘s Wonho on social media.

It’s been reported that Wonho used to be close friends with Jung Da Eun and even appeared on Allzzang Generation together.

But recently, Jung Da Eun posted a photo of Wonho on TV and asked, “Hoseok, when are you going to pay me back my money?

She also commented, “It annoys me after seeing him on TV. As soon as I find out his number, he disappears.

According to Jung Da Eun, she has yet to receive money that she lent to Wonho.

And it appears from her post that he didn’t respond to her calls, which led her to make a public post on social media.


Former MONSTA X's Wonho vs. Jung Da Eun