Yoon Ji Oh Was Once “Reassured” by Police That She Was Too Tall to Be Kidnapped and Murdered

This was after she told the police that she was too scared to walk around outside, even in broad daylight.

Actress Yoon Ji Oh, who is currently the only witness who has come forward about late Jung Ja Yeon’s case, recently participated in an interview on a YouTube channel where she confessed that she was once told by the police that she was too tall to be kidnapped, which is stirring up quite the controversy in online communities.

Yoon Ji Oh shared that at the beginning of her investigation for late Jang Ja Yeon’s case, she expressed her fear of walking around outside even in broad daylight to which the police investigator asked, “How tall are you?

She then revealed that when she said she was 173 centimeters tall, the investigator assured her that she didn’t have to worry since there was no record of kidnappings of women over 170 centimeters tall.

The investigator continued to reassure her by adding, “It’s hard to mutilate bodies of women over 170 centimeters tall, it’s difficult to dispose of them, and it takes too long to cut the Achilles’ tendon and draw out the blood. On top of that, kidnapping a taller woman alone takes too much effort.”

Yoon Ji Oh said that after she heard this, she went to her mother and assured her of what she was told by the police, to which her mother expressed her rage and insisted that she accompany her for all police investigations from that point onward.

Recently, Yoon Ji Oh also revealed that the police didn’t respond for over 10 hours when she made an emergency call, which is adding to the public’s criticism of the police. As a result, Yoon Ji Oh created a national petition demanding an explanation from the Blue House of why she wasn’t protected as the sole witness of late Jung Ja Yeon’s case, and it already has over 200,000 signatures to date.

Source: Naver News