Battle Of The Jungkooks — Fans React To BTS’s Jungkook In The Same ‘Fits But Different Hair

Which one do you like more?

Idol concerts often last for a couple of days, but the idols are seen in the same outfits during the same sets. This is usually to create the same experience for all of the concert goers. Occasionally, idols may switch up their outfits for informal stages, but items on the setlist usually are performed in the same ‘fits.

BTS‘s Jungkook stunned the crowd during all of the days of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE— SEOUL, all while wearing the same outfits. Eagle-eyed fans still managed to spot one change — his hair. On the last day, Jungkook had his hair in the “ban-kkan” style, which means half down. His hair was draped over his forehead on one side and pushed back on the other.

On another day however, he showed off all his handsome features with the “wan-kkan” style, which means all up.

Although he wore the same outfits, he gave of very different vibes.

The “ban-kkan” made him look more innocent while fans went crazy at the sexy vibe of the “wan-kkan“.

Fans couldn’t decide which they preferred.


What a difference in vibe hairstyle can make!

With his hair away from his face, we can see his eyebrows and nose bridge more clearly.

But the bangs give him a mysterious vibe too.

Curious to know which fans preferred?

It was really down to personal preference in the end!

| theqoo
  • “He’s handsome and innocent, I like it all”
  • “If I really have to pick, wan-kkan… You need to see the brows of f*cking handsome men”
  • “Do I have to choose? Jungkook is everything.”
  • “F*cking handsome [shiver]”
  • “Made me swear irl. Super f*cking handsome”
  • “Ban-kkan makes him look innocent”
  • “Wan-kkan Kookie is the truth”
  • “I love it all”

What’s your pick? Regardless of the hair they put him in, his beauty never changes!

Source: theqoo


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