BTS’s Jungkook Was Terrified When He Saw This Fan, Because She Was A Crazy Stalker

The sasaeng always follows him.

BTS is usually the first to be excited when interacting with ARMYs.

There are just some instances, however, where merely glancing at one fan can turn their happy dispositions upside down. This happened with Jungkook during the 2019 Golden Disc Awards.

As he sat beside his members, he was fully enjoying the show until he saw a certain sasaeng taking his video.

When Jungkook recognized the person behind the camera, he looked shocked and terrified, even whispering her name as if in disbelief that she was stalking him once more.

Jungkook’s mood immediately soured as he refused to look her way again.

The sasaeng, Carrot Nuna, originally received praise for Jungkook’s recognition when she uploaded the video. Later however, Big Hit Entertainment confirmed that she really was a stalker.

The company included her as one of their blacklisted fansites in a January 2019 announcement, her main crime being stalking the members on their flights.

ARMYs then began expressing their concern towards Jungkook in her video’s comments section.

This is not the only time Jungkook made public his encounters with sasaengs, one time even reading one’s message out loud during a live broadcast.

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