Jungkook’s Reaction To IU At The 2017 MMA Proves He’s The Biggest Fanboy

During the 2017 Melon Music Awards, Jungkook had the most adorable reaction when IU took the stage.

IU gave a warm acceptance speech for her Album Of The Year Award, and Jungkook was a complete fanboy.

All throughout her 4-minute long speech, Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off her for one moment.

IU commented mid-speech that she was talking too much, but he certainly didn’t think so!

When she mentioned that she wasn’t able to eat or sleep while producing her album, he literally looked worried.

IU stumbled on her words near the end of her speech, and Jungkook gave the sweetest laugh!

At the end of it all, Jungkook gave a warm round of applause for his idol!

Check out Jungkook’s full reaction below.

As well as IU’s complete acceptance speech.

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