Justin Bieber Thanks BTS’s Jungkook for Promoting His New Song

Just a king supporting another king.

Justin Bieber recently came out with his new song, “Yummy” which gained lots of love and attention from fans all over the world.

One of those fans was none other than BTS‘s Jungkook, who didn’t hesitate to share his love for the song with his fans.

Jungkook used BTS’s official Twitter account to share a link of the song along with a thumbs-up emoticon, a heart emoticon, and hashtags “Yummy” and “JK”.

Along with many responses from ARMYs, the post got a retweet from Justin Bieber himself.

The retweet was accompanied by the message, “Thanks, guys.

This interaction is gaining particular attention after Justin Bieber wished Jungkook a happy birthday last September 1.


Fans are responding to his sweet exchange with comments such as “BTS is seriously world-class“, “I really hope they collaborate one day“, and “It’s fascinating to see Justin Bieber and Jungkook interact…


Source: Dispatch