JYP Entertainment’s Brand New 2PM Video Is Quenching Thirsty YouTube Viewers

“JYPE, are you reading this? You smart man.”

One of the most curious YouTube sensations of 2020 so far must be 2PM‘s 2015 hit song “My House” finally finding its viral glory while the members remain away on military duties.


And fortunately for the thirsty 2PM stans who are replaying the same “My House” video over and over, JYP Entertainment has picked up on the trend and blessed 2PM’s YouTube channel with a brand new “[Bonus Video] 2PM CONCERT HOUSE PARTY 우리집(My House)” video:


In the video description JYPE commented, “This goes out to all the HOTTESTs who have been waiting for the house address for the past 5 years because 2PM asked them to meet them in 10 minutes.”

In 10 minutes, I’ll be waiting for you out front. It’s alright, let’s go to my house.

— Junho


Thanks to the special video release, this original song by 2PM’s own Jun.K continues to reel in new fans. Now, the growing HOTTEST fandom is demanding JYPE for a shameless re-comeback of 2PM with “My House”!

  • “JYPE… You heard about this, huh… We’ll pretend not to know anything, please make a re-comeback happen… We’re serious… Movies re-release all the time. ‘My House’ can have a re-comeback.”
  • “JYP must be confused AF… Now is the perfect time to bring 2PM back, but the members are all gone off to the military, LOL. Well, to keep this fire lit for another year… You’re going to have to release all your videos. I know you have more.”
  • “I saw a new video and was like, ‘how long ago is this from?’ And then I realized it’s from 2 hours ago… I lost it for a sec. Thank you JYP, bless your heart.”
  • “Well, now that things have come this far… If you’re not going to make the re-comeback happen, then at least get this song back on the charts. This is driving me nuts!”
  • “I thought the date was wrong;;; JYPE, are you reading this? You smart man. That thumbnail had me automatically clicking. How evil are you… UPLOAD EVERYTHING ON YOUR HARD DRIVE NOW.”


Here’s the fresh new clip for your nonstop replay: