K-Netizens Slam Those Who Speculate Pregnancy Solely Based On Song Joong Ki’s OB-GYN Visits With Girlfriend

They are disgusted with the media.

The Korean entertainment industry has been busy this holiday season with news of actor Song Joong Ki confirming his relationship with a non-celebrity British girlfriend.

Song Joong Ki is meeting a woman with good feelings. Please watch over them with a warm heart. We ask for your understanding that information other than the fact that they are in a relationship cannot be confirmed. Please refrain from reporting unconfirmed speculation.

— High Zium Studio

However, after confirming the relationship, previous online community posts revealing that they saw the two at the OB-GYN sparked pregnancy rumors among netizens. In response, his agency released an additional statement online.

It is difficult to confirm his personal life other than the fact that he is dating. We would appreciate it if everyone could refrain from unconfirmed speculative reports.

— High Zium Studio

K-Netizens who saw the posts slammed those who speculated pregnancy solely based on their visits to the OB-GYN.

| theqoo
| theqoo
  • “They’ve gone overboard posting photos of a non-celebrity and posting about a topic like pregnancy which is very personal.”
  • “Who cares if they are dating or getting married, just leave them alone!”
  • “She’s a non-celebrity, why are you writing news like this.”
  • “This is so disgusting and rude, writing about other people’s personal lives.”
  • “Wow, writing news about a non-celebrity?”
  • “You don’t go to the ob-gyn only when ur pregnant..and do you know how rude it is to ask if you’re pregnant even though you haven’t said anything? people are crazy.”
  • “They should wait until they confirm something themselves instead of writing it now.”
Source: theqoo
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