Kang Daniel Tried Goat Yoga And It’s The Most Wholesome Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Daniel + Animals = Cuteness overload.

In Kang Daniel‘s trip to Portland during his show Hello, Daniel, he found himself in the middle of a goat yoga class (Yes, you read that correctly).

Goat yoga promotes physical and mental health by creating a healing experience with animals. Since Daniel is an avid animal lover, this sounded perfect for him!

He felt a little awkward at first, being only one of two guys in the whole class. However, the animals helped bring out the best him and give him some confidence.

He tried to get the hang of the yoga moves. The goats walking between his legs didn’t necessarily help his posture, but they definitely provided a good laugh.

The class starts erupting in laughter when they get on the ground and are face-to-face with the goats.

Since goats are naturally drawn to elevated surfaces, they climb on the participants’ backs. Daniel laughs as his neighboring yogi becomes goat stomping grounds (No worries, the goats are actually much lighter than they look!).

Daniel’s sweet reaction to the goat trying to lick his fingers is the purest thing we’ve seen all day.

He struggles a bit with the actual yoga poses, but it’s okay because he’s Kang Daniel.

He finished the class well and is then able to play with the goats and feed them. His gummy smile makes our hearts feel at ease.

Overall, Daniel had a healing experience with the power of animals and nature. When combined with a physical activity like yoga, it’s refreshing for the soul. We hope Daniel can continue to find activities like this that are stress-relieving and give him joy!

Watch the full episode of Hello, Daniel below.

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