Kang Daniel Shows Off His Pride And Glory … But Fans Hilariously Tell Him Not To Be Complacent

He’s very proud of this part of himself.

Kang Daniel‘s known for many things, including a rockin’ bod, an adorable eye smile and of course, great singing and dancing skills. His pride and glory however, is also his full head of hair! On a recent live stream, he showed off his fluffy do’ to Danitys.

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As he was telling fans about his hair, he bragged that his hair was exceptionally plentiful. A comment suddenly appeared that made him laugh.

Don’t be complacent – it’ll all fall out then.

— Danity

Kang Daniel then explained to the fan between giggles that he takes great care with his hair. His routine consists of shampoo, treatment, hair masks and even essence! With the amount of effort he puts in, its no wonder his hair is as great as it is today.

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Fans were laughing along with him at the blunt comment.

  • “kekeke that fan’s comment sounds like Park Myung Soo kekeke”
  • “But why is everyone like this? (complaining about their thin hair) It’s sad”
  • “But looking at the photos, I can see why he’s complacent about it.”
  • “But even if it’s thick, most men experience receding hairlines right?”
  • “You can’t ever be complacent ^^”
  • “It looks thick but you can’t be complacent. My dad too, had the most hair in the world that he even bragged he wanted to pluck some off. However, how he has none~”
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In other news, Kang Daniel is currently working on music while taking a break after his successful comeback with Magenta.


Source: theqoo

Kang Daniel

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