Kang Daniel, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won apologize for cheating on Produce 101

Produce 101‘s Daniel Kang, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won apologized for attempting to communicate with fans on their social media accounts.

Produce 101 contestants Daniel Kang, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won all recently faced backlash after they tried to communicate with fans via their social media accounts and influence the mission songs that would be allocated to them by popular vote.

Mnet announced they would be taking action against the contestants by banning them from performing the song they tried to promote themselves to be in, and the three contestants made their official apology in a recent episode in addition to their official apologies via their own social media accounts.

“I’m sorry for not thinking about it thoroughly.”

— Daniel Kang

“I’ve realized I need to be more careful.”

— Kim Dong Bin

“I will try to show a better and brighter side of myself.”

— Lee Ki Won