Jessi Falls Head Over Heels For Kang Daniel And His “Puppyish” Visuals

“But Daniel kinda looks like a pup.”

On the most recent episode of Showterview With Jessi, Jessi had the charming Kang Daniel on as her featured guest!

Throughout the entire episode, Jessi could not hide her enthusiasm for Kang Daniel and his impeccable charms! Jessi even pointed out several of his several lovely features through close-up shots.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

During another segment of the show, MC Cho Jung Shik shared, “Generally, Jessi barely opens her heart to the guests, but she opened it today.” Cho Jung Shik then gave Kang Daniel the mission to win over Jessi’s heart (more than he already had).

To do so, Kang Daniel did a crowd favorite, aegyo. Since many fans and Jessi claim he possesses puppyish-like charms, Kang Daniel did his best to mimic cute puppy photos. Before starting, Jessi stated, “But Daniel kinda looks like a pup.

Kang Daniel was a bit taken aback by the sudden mission and commented that he couldn’t believe what he was actually about to do.

I’ll bring up the picture and mimic it. I’d never thought I would mimic this, seriously.

— Kang Daniel

The first picture Kang Daniel imitated was one of an adorable dog sticking its tongue out and doing a cute wink. Prepare your hearts! It’s super cute!

Jessi tried not to give into Kang Daniel’s cute pose, but viewers could see she really loved it!

Kang Daniel then tried to win Jessi over by attempting to copy another puppy photo. This time, the Kang Daniel mimicked a sad puppy dog face and it will instantly melt your heart.

Jessi immediately reacted with her hand covering her mouth and stated, “So cute.”

The last pose Kang Daniel tried was a cute puppyish smile! It’s hard not to fall for that bright smile!

Again, Jessi didn’t show how impressed she was with his adorable grin and exclaimed, “Oh my god, so cute!

Of course, Jessi had completely been won over by Kang Daniel and proudly admitted she was in love.

I’m all in love now. I could be Danity (Kang Daniel’s fandom name) at any moment.

— Jessi

Check out the video below:

Kang Daniel