Kang Daniel Met “Mr. Trot” Winner Lim Young Woong And Adorably Snagged An Autograph For His Mom

Fans are loving everything about their latest interaction:

When Kang Daniel and Mr. Trot winner Lim Young Woong bumped into each other backstage during Show Champion, not only did they share an adorable interaction together but, in a way, they also sweetly included Kang Daniel’s mom in their interaction too!

On April 8, both Kang Daniel and Lim Young Woong headed to Instagram to share their meetup on the music show.

Lim Young Woong kicked things off by dropping the sweet selca the two of them had taken together. Along with the photo, Lim Young Woong showered Daniel with lots of love and cutely expressed his surprise at discovering Kang Daniel’s mom is his fan!

In his caption, Lim Young Woong wrote, “Kang Daniel is so nice and handsome. He told me his mom is a fan. The glory never seems to be ending right now.” Image: @im_hero____/Instagram

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel sent lots of love right back to Lim Young Woong as he shared a photo of the autograph and message Lim Young Woong prepared for his mom! The message from Lim Young Woong reads, “Dear Daniel’s Mom~ I hope you stay healthy  When we get a chance, let’s meet at my concert!

Image: @daniel.k.here/Instagram

Under the post, Daniel sent a big thank you to Lim Young Woong and cutely expressed how amazing it was to meet him in real life writing, “Wooooow thank you so much! ㅠㅠ #Being a good son, check! #Lim Young Woong looks amazing irl! #What an honor!

After seeing the two posts, many fans are feeling the uwu and are absolutely loving not only the autograph and message but also seeing the beginnings of a brand new friendship!

They really are the sweetest! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of their blooming friendship as well as plenty of cute interactions between the two stars in the future!

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