Kang Daniel’s Reaction To A Fan’s Lovestruck Comment Is 200% Meme-Worthy

💯 for when you can’t believe what you just heard.

In a recent live broadcast, Kang Daniel had the chance to read some of the most lovestruck comments from DANITYs, his fans.

One of the comments he read out loud demanded, “Kang Daniel, please stay still.” And he simply couldn’t hold back the feelz after he read the entire comment…

How do you guys come up with these comments? This one goes, ‘Kang Daniel, please stay still. Or I’m going to miss you with my cupid’s arrow.’ Wow…

— Kang Daniel

… that he ended up melting away in his chair!

Fortunately, he pulled himself back together…

Oh…… Wow. Do you see how red I’ve turned? This is… Thank you…!

— Kang Daniel

… but DANITYs can’t get enough of this UWU-est reaction!

Most likely, DANITYs are now busy coming up with more creative ways to melt Kang Daniel the next chance they get.

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO

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