Kang Daniel Says This Is How He Will Take Care Of His Girlfriend

If this is how he treats his GFs, then Jihyo’s one very lucky gal.

Kang Daniel and TWICE‘s Jihyo are officially the new power couple, and let’s just say that when it comes to significant others, they’ve both hit the jackpot.


Kang Daniel and Jihyo are two of the most beloved and loving idols out there. They go the extra mile to care for their friends, family, and fans, and now they’ll be showering that affection on each other too.


On Happy Together, Kang Daniel once talked about how he takes care of a girlfriend in small, but special ways.


For example, he helps her put on her shoes by using his fingers as a shoehorn.


The cast couldn’t help laughing at his demonstration…


…but they also praised him for his kindness.


Now that Kang Daniel is dating Jihyo, she won’t have to worry about little things like that anymore!


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