TWICE’s Jihyo And Kang Daniel Match Each Other’s Ideal Types…Mostly

When it comes to ideal types, this new couple is a 99.9% perfect match.

News of K-Pop’s new power couple, TWICE‘s Jihyo and Kang Daniel, surprised fans, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. After all, these stars match each other so well!


In the past, Kang Daniel and Jihyo both talked about their ideal types in interviews and on variety shows. Going by their answers, it seems like they were looking for each other all along.


Jihyo’s ideal type is a big-hearted and courageous person, who she can be herself with. One of the first times she talked about this was on Kiss the Radio.


Jihyo’s type came up again last year, on Idol Master. Nayeon correctly guessed that Jihyo likes “dependable guys”.


All in all, that sounds a lot like her new beau!


In 2017, Kang Daniel talked about his ideal type on Happy Together. He said he prefers older women because he feels he can learn from them. Jihyo was born on February 1, 1997, while Kang Daniel was born on December 10, 1996.


Jihyo may be the younger one in their relationship, but as TWICE’s leader and one of the longest-training trainees in K-Pop history, she has much more life experience than the average 22-year-old. She and Kang Daniel can definitely learn from each other!


Kang Daniel also said that he’d like to nickname his girlfriend “kid”, if she’s shorter than him. Since Jihyo is 1.62 m tall and Kang Daniel is 1.8 m tall, it looks like he’ll be able to use this cute nickname.


There is, however, one ideal type requirement that Jihyo doesn’t quite meet. Kang Daniel once said that he’d like a girlfriend who isn’t scared of bugs…


…or ghosts. Jeongyeon‘s bug prank freaked Jihyo out, but when this ghost tried to haunt her…


…she screamed in its face! “Bugcatcher Jihyo” may not be a thing, but who needs a bug-catcher when your girlfriend’s a fearless Ghostbuster?


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