Kang Daniel’s Reaction To This Fan’s Request Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Online Today

She wanted to hear his voice.

Kang Daniel is keeping himself busy after he made his return to the K-Pop scene, with fan meeting events after another booked around the country. And at his most recent Daegu fan meeting, Kang Daniel did something that made the fans all go “Awwww!”


In a short clip shared by one of the fans who attended the Daegu city fan meeting, Kang Daniel was spotted casually rocking his white tiger ears. And while he was waiting for the event to progress…


… a fan in the audience shouted her request across the room.

Let us hear your voice!

— Kang Daniel’s Fan


As soon as Kang Daniel heard this request, he let out the fiercest little “Aaaah!” Fans can’t get over how adorable Kang Daniel is – especially when he’s off the stage and being himself.


Watch again, because good things deserve to be seen twice:


— Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel continues to charm his loyal fans, not only with his new and amazing album, but also with his irresistable “aegyo” filled personality!

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