Poor Kang Ha Neul Was Left out of Gong Hyo Jin’s “Cool Table”

He just wants to be included.

Gong Hyo Jin recently shared photos of herself smiling brightly with the “Ong-vengers” of When the Camellia Blooms, but what made everyone burst into laughter was poor Kang Ha Neul in the background.

The street that the female characters of the drama work on is called Ongsan Street, and for that reason, the ladies call themselves “Ong-vengers”.

And they even took a sweet photo together on a set of stairs, but in the corner of the photo was Kang Ha Neul looking sad.

There was simply no space left at Gong Hyo Jin’s “cool table”, so Kang Ha Neul simply walked by with a disappointed look on his face.

Seeing from the smile on his face when he is a part of the group, he just wants to be included.

Poor Kang Ha Neul.

Better luck next time?


Source: Dispatch