Doggy Guru Kang Hyung Wook Refused to Train a Dog for the Very First Time and Netizens Are Outraged

But it’s not Kang Hyung Wook that netizens are mad at.

On a recent episode of KBS‘s The Dog is Excellent, famous doggy guru, Kang Hyung Wook got down on his knees and refused to train a border collie named Kobi, and the reason is going viral in online communities.

The family of Kobi asked Kang Hyung Wook for help due to the border collie’s biting problem, but by the time he got there, the family had adopted another puppy named Dambi.

And whenever Kobi got a chance, he harassed Dambi so severely that he always hid behind the toilet in the washroom.

Not only was Kang Hyung Wook frustrated by the fact that the mother and daughter adopted another dog when they had problems with their first dog, but he saw that there was no way the two dogs would ever get along due to the dynamics as well as the owners’ tendencies.

So for the very first time in his career, Kang Hyung Wook got down on his knees and pleaded to the owners.

Dambi can’t live here. I ask that you send Dambi somewhere where he can be loved.

– Kang Hyung Wook

But the mother cried and expressed that she didn’t think she could do that.

It was revealed on the show that the mother and daughter had a troubling relationship with almost no communication, but when they brought a dog home, their communication and relationship improved.

And despite Kang Hyung Wook’s attempt to help the daughter train Kobi, she showed no willingness to make an effort, causing Kang Hyung Wook to lose his patience and ultimately end the session.

The producers of the show later revealed that the mother and daughter who are raising Kobi and Dambi never got back to them after Kang Hyung Wook’s plea.

And netizens are furious.

After hearing that the owners of Kobi and Dambi are refusing to send Dambi to a better home due to what the dogs are doing for their relationship, netizens are calling them selfish and unfit to raise dogs.

If they brought dogs home despite not being able to raise them properly just because they make the human relationship better, they’re not fit to be raising dogs.

How can they be so selfish to force the Dambi to be constantly abused by Kobi?

I actually feel so bad for those dogs.

They don’t even have any interest in making those dogs happy. They’re just in it for themselves.

Border collies are smart dogs so they need more attention and better care. No wonder Kobi is like that.

– Netizens

Despite the owners’ non-response, the producers of The Dog is Excellent stated, “If they get back to us, we will consult with Kang Hyung Wook in order help in any way that we can. But we can’t force them. So we have no choice but to wait.

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