Where Is Kang So Yeon Now? The “Single’s Inferno” Star Rejected By Jobs For Not Fitting Korean Beauty Standards

“…I didn’t have that ideal body type for Koreans.”

Despite Kang So Yeon becoming a fan favorite on Netflix‘s reality dating show Single’s Inferno, her career hasn’t been smooth sailing.

Kang So Yeon | @kangsoyeon__/Instagram

During a Q&A after completing the show, Kang So Yeon spoke about growing up in an athletic family that ate heavy protein-filled meals. It caused her to have a body considered “too big” by Korean beauty standards and prevented her from getting acting roles.

But because of that, I struggled a lot to be an actress in Korea because I didn’t have that ideal body type for Koreans. I was always told before the casting that I’m too tall and my body is too big for this role.

— Kang So Yeon

Although Kang So Yeon has appeared on a few variety shows since then, she still hasn’t been able to book any acting roles—despite her fame from the show. However, she’s been successful in many other areas, like modeling for a wedding magazine.

Because of her idol past as a member of the co-ed idol group WE, she made a return to music by releasing the song “Loca Loca” for fans.

Even though her body may not fit Korean beauty standards, that hasn’t stopped Kang So Yeon from featuring in sports magazines.

Kang So Yeon has also shown off her stunning figure while hosting car events for luxury brands like Porshe, which recruited rapper Jay Park to perform at the same event.

Car companies aren’t the only ones approaching Kang So Yeon. She gained sports sponsorships from famous brands like Wilson Tennis.

Despite Kang So Yeon missing out on opportunities for not fitting Korean beauty standards, she’s still confident in herself and shares photoshoots embracing her beauty.

| @kangsoyeon__/Instagram

She’s also embracing her sporty image to the fullest, teaming up with brands to promote soccer and golf, along with an upcoming fan meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

While Kang So Yeon may not promote luxury clothing and beauty brands like the show’s other castmates, she’s successfully earned partnerships that align with her sporty image.

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