KARA’s Seungyeon Admits She Initially Disapproved Of Youngji Joining The Group, But The Reason Why Is Actually A Compliment

In the end, Seungyeon had nothing to worry about!

KARA recently appeared on the popular JTBC variety show, Knowing Bros, where they opened up about their reunion after seven years, how they’ve stayed close since their disbandment, and also spilled on their first impressions of each other.

(Top row, L to R) KARA’s Nicole, Jiyoung, and Youngji (Bottom row, L to R) Gyuri and Seungyeon | @young_g_hur/Instagram

KARA debuted in 2007, but in 2014, members Nicole and Jiyoung chose not to renew their contracts with DSP Media in order to pursue other interests. With their departure, a competition reality show was created to find a new member for KARA. Through KARA Project, Youngji was chosen to join the remaining members, Seungyeon, Goo Hara, and Gyuri.

KARA’s Youngji (top left) with her fellow “KARA Project” contestants

Youngji has developed a close relationship with her unnies over the years and has become a beloved member of KARA. While her fellow members have thoughtfully cared for her since her debut, two members voiced their initial hesitations to the addition of Youngji while on Knowing Bros, but not for reasons you might think.

KARA on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

KARA’s original maknae, Jiyoung, spoke up about her fear of being replaced once Youngji, who was also born in 1994, joined the group. Jiyoung hilariously shared that she was used to the special treatment she had received as the youngest member, so she and Youngji agreed to become co-maknaes early on. Jiyoung now introduces herself as “forever maknae” and Youngji introduces herself as “new maknae.”

Youngji admitted she was scared when Jiyoung initially approached her about the coveted maknae position, but now they have an adorable arrangement so they both can shine as maknae.

KARA’s second oldest member, Seungyeon, also had reservations when it was announced Youngji would be joining the group.

Seungyeon, along with many netizens, felt that she and Youngji had similar facial features and they often drew comparisons.

The older member was worried about Youngji joining because of three reasons that ended up being a compliment to the younger idol.

Seungyeon’s fears quickly disappeared as she got to know Youngji and she further clarified that Youngji is a precious member of the group and beloved by her fellow KARA members and Kamilia alike.

KARA’s Youngji (left) and Seungyeon (right) | @young_g_hur/Instagram

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