KARD’s Somin Has The Most Talented Family Tree As It’s Revealed She’s Related To TWO Famous Women

Can you guess who is on her family tree?

KARD‘s Somin is sweet, talented, and has legs for days. She’s also incredibly organized, but that’s beside the point.

Did you know Somin comes from a famous family? Yup, it’s true! Somin once revealed during an interview that was reported on by Naver that she’s related to TWICE‘s Jeongyeon!


And, of course, being related to Jeongyeon also means that she’s related to actress Seung Yeon, who is the TWICE singer’s older sister!

Seungyeon and Jeongyeon volunteering at an animal shelter in October 2019

As for how they’re related… Somin shared that Jeongyeon is the niece of her father’s younger brother’s wife. Whew! In any case, she also revealed that they’re close because of their ages.

Did you know that Somin was related to Jeongyeon and Seung Yeon?

Source: Naver and Koreaboo