Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Recently Earned The Nickname “Daughter Of KCON,” And It’s Easy To See Why

The love for Huening Bahiyyih at KCON LA was undeniable.

KCON returned to LA for a three-day convention filled with special events, moments for fans to interact with some of their favorite K-Pop idols, and, of course, impressive performances from the star-studded lineup.

KCON 2022 in LA | @kconusa/Instagram

Kep1er made their KCON debut this year, performing their two title tracks, “WA DA DA” and “Up!” along with an impressive cover of IZ*ONE‘s “La Vie En Rose.”

Having debuted in January of this year, Kep1ians (Kep1er fans) made sure the group knew their international fanbase was strong and showed them an outpouring of support.

Kep1er at their KCON 2022 meet and greet in LA | @kconusa/Twitter

During the convention, fans overwhelmingly showed their love and support to Kep1er member Huening Bahiyyih. Since she was a contestant on Girls Planet 999, fans have rallied to support her after she was subject to unwarranted hate comments and negativity, which has led fans to call on her company, WAKEONE, more than once to do more to shield the Kep1er member.

There was no shortage of love shown for Huening Bahiyyih at KCON LA, which was especially heartwarming as she shared with fans that her dad was in the audience and they were able to meet for the first time in almost two years.

While cheers for the group were already loud, any time Huening Bahiyyih sang, talked, or had the center position during Kep1er’s choreography, the cheers from the audience almost drowned out the sound of the performance.

The electric atmosphere and booming applause when Huening Bahiyyih had the spotlight were undeniable, leading K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin to name her the “daughter of KCON.

Fans and even non-fans couldn’t agree more with the statement, sharing additional moments where fans showed the idol their love.

Fans were impressed by her confidence and performance at KCON LA and were grateful she was able to shine.

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Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Impresses Fans With Her Immense Dedication