Kep1er Had A Request For SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, So He Responded

Fans have been waiting for it to happen.

After showing love for ITZY and ATEEZ, Kep1er discussed how much they wanted to meet SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and sent a sweet request that many fans are looking forward to.


During their interview with POPKORN, Yeseo mentioned hearing the compliment that Seungkwan paid the group on their debut song. She said, “I heard Seungkwan said, ‘”WA DA DA” is really good!’

Echoing Huening Bahiyyih and Yeseo’s words, Dayeon politely sent a request to Seungkwan that asked him to do their “WA DA DA” dance challenge with them.

I’m not sure if you would be watching this, but if you come across this video, please consider doing the challenge with us! Thank you.

— Dayeon

Referencing Seungkwan’s K-Pop live broadcasts that earn millions of views, Chaehyun cutely said, “Please, Professor Boo!” Although Seungkwan didn’t watch the interview, it didn’t stop the request from reaching him.

During SEVENTEEN’s online fan signing, a fan told Seungkwan all about Kep1er’s message. He fully supported the idea and told the fan, “You can tell them to get in touch with me.

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Topping off the good news, Seungkwan danced the point choreography for “WA DA DA”.

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With the support of both groups, it’s only a matter of time until the girls and Seungkwan show off their dance moves together.


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