Kevin Woo Addresses Dating Rumors With Former “ASC” Co-Host Park Jimin

“How could you keep this a secret from us?”

In a highlight clip from Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, all the former After School Club co-hosts reunited, including Park Jimin and Kevin Woo.


While they were discussing misconceptions about themselves, Kevin remembered something that he’s been wanting to set straight. Eric and Jimin were taken aback but encouraged him to let it out.

Can I clear some of the weird rumors that are going on. On the internet, on YouTube, and stuff?

It started when Jimin had mentioned making chicken soup for her ex-boyfriend on her podcast WWJD (What Would Jaime Do). Since Kevin once mentioned on After School Club the time he’d went to Jimin’s house, and she cooked chicken soup for him, fans started to put the pieces together that they’d dated.

You talked about making chicken noodle soup for your ex-boyfriend. I remember talking about chicken soup on ASC, that I went to your house and you made it for me. So, fans have been putting one and one together and thinking that we have dated.

Kevin talked about how fans had been extremely upset about it. They cried as they asked how he could keep such a major secret from them, especially since the two were co-hosts at the time.

Fans were legit crying, my fans. They were like, “How could you keep this a secret from us, even though you guys were on ASC together?”

On the flip side, some fans went as far as creating compilation videos of their time on After School Club, piecing together all the times they’d made eye contact. Just knowing videos like that existed made Jimin and Eric burst into laughter.

Both Jimin and Kevin couldn’t believe that fans would ever ship them together and had something to say for everyone who thought they were ever in a romantic relationship. On the count of three, they both shouted:

We did not date!

To make it known that it would never happen, even in the future, Jimin stated her true feelings on the whole subject. They would never become romantically involved.

We are never, ever, in the future, gonna date.

See Kevin and Jimin set the record straight about their relationship, along with Eric’s teasing, here.

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