Same Outfit, Different Vibes — Here’s How Much LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura And Kim Chaewon Have Grown

4 years have passed!

Sakura and Kim Chaewon may be household names now but they got their humble start through the reality program, Produce 48. The two fought their way to the top with skills, visuals, and charisma. Sakura ranked 2nd place overall…

Sakura Miyawaki during her Produce 48 days.

…while Kim Chaewon ranked 10th.

Kim Chaewon during her Produce 48 days.

The girls made their debut with IZ*ONE when Sakura was just 20 years old while Chaewon was 18 years old. Befitting their young age, they often went for a bubbly and cute concept.

IZ*ONE in their rookie days. | Swing Entertainment

4 years later, the girls are ready to make a fresh start. They will be debuting with LE SSERAFIM, a new girl group by HYBE. Along with the new company and group, they have returned with more a more mature look. One of the concepts that their debut teasers showcased was a tennis one. Fans quickly noticed that this was drastically different from the same theme they did as IZ*ONE. Check out how much they have grown.

1. Sakura

Sakura once looked fresh and bright with brown hair and a green cardigan. She smiled sweetly at the camera while leaning on her racket.

Sakura’s tennis concept for IZ*ONE. | Swing Entertainment

In HYBE’s teasers, Sakura has dark and ashy locks. She sported a slim-fitting red skirt along with a white polo cropped top. Her sultry gaze made her look more mature than ever.

Sakura’s teaser photos for LE SSERAFIM. | HYBE

Side by side, the difference is quite stark! She’s blossomed into an alluring lady.

2. Kim Chaewon

Similarly, while Chaewon now rocks a cropped top and a miniskirt…

Chaewon’s teaser photos for LE SSERAFIM. | HYBE

…she once wore the same outfit but in a looser and longer fit. The color scheme has also changed drastically.

Chaewon’s tennis concept for IZ*ONE. | Swing Entertainment

She went from a pure and girly look to a more feminine and sexy one.

Four years is not a short period of time! The girls have truly matured and grown over the years. Their new group, LE SSERAFIM will debut some time in 2022. Congratulations to them both!

Source: theqoo