[★TRENDING] Kim Jong Kook Announces His Plans For After Running Man

Kim Jong Kook‘s agency announced that he will be going on a tour of Asia as Running Man‘s “capable man” starting January 2017.

Many fans of Running Man may find some solace in the fact that Kim Jong Kook will be more active than ever as a singer after the SBS Running Man comes to an end in February.

Kim Jong Kook who has garnered massive popularity through his appearance in the show Running Man had already gone on tour in USA and China in 2014. Although the show is set to come to an end in February he plans to do his duty as a part of the cast one last time.

He has also announced that he is currently working on an album as a member of TURBO, and plans to release the album as soon as they finalize on a title track. He has been working with Duble Sidekick since last summer and has recorded multiple songs. As TURBO plans to release the album early next year, Kim Jong Kook’s tour may become the comeback stage of TURBO.

Maroo Entertainment stated, “TURBO’s album is nearing completion but as Kim Jong Kook’s Asia tour will take place from January to March he will be active overseas during the early part of the year.”

Running Man announced that they will be ending the show in February and an insider recently revealed that SBS’s Gong Hee Chul Chief Producer maybe behind the entire ordeal.

Source: Donga