Kim Sejeong Absolutely Obsesses Over IU and BTS Suga’s New Single Like the Number One Fan She Is

Sejeong was surprised by many aspects of the new MV.

IU‘s new single, “Eight”, produced by BTS‘s Suga, has just been released and unsurprisingly topped the charts shortly afterward.

And as a huge fan of IU, Gugudan‘s Sejeong obsessed over the new single on her official Instagram story for all to see.

What draws particular attention to Sejeong’s reaction is how she explained in detail what touched her so much about the new MV.

In her first post, she wrote,

I was surprised by her even broader tone.

– Sejeong

And in the next post, she added,

I was surprised by the loud ringing coming from the most minor words.

– Sejeong

But she took it a step further in her third post describing the level of IU’s beauty.

All she did was smile, but I was surprised by how much she shined.

– Sejeong

This isn’t the first time Sejeong obsessed over her sunbae, IU.

Back in 2017, Sejeong picked IU as one of her role models.

Gugudan’s Sejeong Says IU and Taeyeon Are Her Role Models

And last year, IU returned the favor by gushing over Sejeong’s performance on Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, to which Sejong expressed, “What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?

IU Complimented Gugudan’s Sejeong, And Her Reaction Was Relatable AF

Well, keep the loving exchanges coming because we’re all loving it!

Check out IU’s new single, produced by BTS’s Suga, below:

Source: Insight