Kim Seong Cheol Reveals How Song Joong Ki Persuaded Him To Join “Vincenzo”

Thank you Song Joong Ki for giving fans this amazing bromance!

Fans became encaptured by the tvN K-Drama Vincenzo falling in love with the storylines, characters, and the lead actor Song Joong Ki. Yet despite his minor role, fans also fell in love with the “bromance” between Vincenzo and Kim Sung Cheol, who played President Hwang Min Seong. 

Song Joong Ki & Kim Seong Cheol’s characters in Vincenzo | @tvndrama.official/Instagram

Song Joong Ki recently revealed what he thought the secret was to his amazing on-screen chemistry with Kim Sung Cheol. He also revealed how he’d asked Kim Sung Cheol for a favor when asking him to be part of the Vincenzo cast.

In a recent video, the two sat down with host JaeJae to show fans even more of their fantastic chemistry.

During the interview, Kim Sung Cheol had his chance to explain how he ended up on the show. Yet, persuading him didn’t seem to be as easy as fans might expect.

At first, he (Song Joong Ki) told me to do a cameo role in Vincenzo, and I did get the script. It sounded fun, and I thought, ‘This is going to be so much fun, but I don’t want to.’

— Kim Sung Cheol

Song Joong Ki then joked that he channeled his inner mafia to help persuade his friend to take on the role.

I’m a mafia. I said, ‘You’ve been resting lately, right?’ That’s how Sung Cheol came.

— Song Joong Ki

Luckily, Song Joong Ki persuaded him to join, and fans were treated to one of the best bromances of the year and that iconic prison scene! Make sure to watch the whole video below.

Source: historydnc and FI
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