Kim Yohan Admits X1’s Disbandment Was Hard and That’s He’s Trying to Forget About It

He’s trying to move on.

During a press conference for the new music variety program, War of Villains, Kim Yohan opened up about his hardships as a result of X1‘s disbandment as well as his plans moving forward.


Kim Yohan started out by expressing his excitement for the show and how much he looks forward to learning.

My job is a singer, but I still have lots to learn. I want to grow more with the producing of Lee Sang Min Sunbae. I’ve seen Lee Sang Min Sunbae on a lot of variety shows, but I didn’t know much about him in music. I heard he’s very impressive as a musician. I’m happy to be working with sunbae’s that I’ve been watching on TV. I hope that I can yield good results by working hard.

– Kim Yohan

Last July, Kim Yohan took 1st place on Mnet’s Produce X 101 and debuted as a member of X1.

But due to the voting fabrication controversy, the group disbanded, and Kim Yohan expressed that it was hard on him.

It’s true that it was a hard time. But since what’s done is done, I’m trying to forget about it. I think it was a good experience. But I think the future is more important, so I’d better do a good job from now on.

– Kim Yohan

War of Villains is a music variety program where singers can work with legendary musicians for new musical projects.

The producer of the show, Lee Sang Min picked Kim Yohan as the member he looks forward to seeing the most.

I looked at him from up close, and noticed that he’s hardworking but also very modest. As for his musical talents, it’s hard to say in detail since we’ve just begun, but I look forward to finding out.

– Lee Sang Min

Source: Insight