Did You Know MAMAMOO Members Think Their Group Leader Solar Is A “Fool”?

They explained why they think of her like that.

Solar is MAMAMOO‘s leader and mother. She puts up with a lot from her groupmates, who really test the strength of their closeness by playfully stressing her out every chance they get.

During an episode of Happy Together the women of MAMAMOO were asked to reveal their roles in the group. Hwasa, for example, is the group’s secret weapon, meant to exude an irresistible charm at any given time. But what about Solar?

Well… Solar struggled to decide whether it was okay to share that kind of information as she held back a laugh.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Hwasa jumped in to rescue Solar from having to say it herself before revealing that the group refers to her as “PF” or “Pretty Fool“.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

You may find yourself wondering exactly why MAMAMOO calls Solar a pretty fool, right? Thankfully, they went on to explain how she earned that title for herself.

She’s the leader. When we goof around, she plays along. On top of that, she’s easily fooled.


Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

MAMAMOO might think Solar is a “pretty fool”, and with her soft heart, she just might be! After all, she is one of the best role models in K-Pop right now.

Watch the whole clip below for silly MAMAMOO goodness: