Korean ARMYs Discuss How BTS Producer’s Obsession With Out-Of-Range High Notes May Be Detrimental To The Group’s Health

It could hurt their voices.

Some of BTS‘s songs have unbelievably high note ranges, such as “Fake Love” and “Spring Day”. While the boys pull them off smoothly, Jin previously revealed the real reason as to why BTS’s songs often involve high notes. It turns out, it’s all due to their producer, Pdogg!

When I was recording the song, he told me that he gets satisfaction from when the human voice is pushed to its highest limit.

— Jin

| BigHit Entertainment

However, that revelation has some Korean ARMYs upset, and rightfully so. Biologically, it has been proven that going out of range often can be damaging to the vocal cords and voice box. This is a no-brainer as it strains one’s throat.

| theqoo
  • “I think something more suited to their range would be good. It’s really seriously too high.”
  • “The songs that had good reactions from being of a high standard of completion include “Spring Day” and “DNA” as it was comfortable to listen to and they did well for the lives. It was also better to hear as Jimin did the middle-low notes and V did the low-notes.”
| theqoo
  • “Please just release a title track that suits their vocal range… stop with the high notes”
  • “I hope they throw away their stubbornness with the high notes… I don’t want them to get hurt.”
| theqoo
  • “The vocal line all has great voice colors and high notes are great and all but I hope they adjust it just a little.”
  • “I loved “Fake Love” so much after hearing it that I went to karaoke and sang it in the female key but it was so high I got surprised. If it’s not a rock genre, it’s really hard for male songs to be sung in female key. There’s been no song like “Fake Love” in that aspect for me, as far as I can remember.”
  • “When they did “Fake Love” with Charlie Puth during the year end performance, Jimin did the note weirdly like he couldn’t pull it off.”
| BigHit Entertainment

It’s not the first time that producers have caught flak for forcing high notes into songs! TWICE‘s producers have also gotten criticism for their impossibly high notes. In other news, BTS is making a comeback soon with BE on 20 November 2020.

Source: theqoo


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