Korean Congresswoman’s Guide Dog Goes Viral for Sleeping on the Live News

Sleepy Joy is gaining fans all over the country.

Korean congresswoman, Kim Ye Ji, and her guide dog, Joy recently appeared on the news, but the dog’s behavior on live television went viral in online communities shortly after the broadcast.

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s Joo Young Jin’s News Briefing, congresswoman, Kim Ye Ji appeared on the show with her guide dog, Joy.

Joy led Congresswoman Kim to her seat and only sat down once she was seated.

But she must’ve had a feeling her owner was going to take a long time because she got comfortable as soon as the interview began.

Joy glanced around the studio with her sweet eyes before starting to doze off.

Just 6 minutes after the interview began, Joy laid on her side.

When the anchor commented, “She’s laying down in a very comfortable way“, Congresswoman Kim replied, “She always sleeps like this.

After a nice nap, Joy sprung up as soon as Congresswoman Kim finished her 16-minute interview and said, “Thank you.

She then proceeded to stretch and walked out of the studio with her owner.

During the interview, Congresswoman Kim showed her affection for joy and expressed just how much she means to her.

She’s my friend, she’s my family, and she’s like an organism that is no different from a part of my body.

– Congresswoman Kim Ye Ji

Guide dog, Joy is now gaining tons of fans all over the country for her honest and relatable character.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight