Korean Couple Starves Their Baby To Death… And The Details Will Make You Tremble With Rage

The baby was found dead, inside a cardboard box.

On March 5, 2020, the Seoul High Court in Korea held the second round of trials — of a Korean couple, convicted of the neglect and murder of their 7-month-old child. When the couple re-opened the case by appealing the initial verdict of 20 years in prison, the court disclosed the details of how these two starved their child to death. And these very details are about to make you tremble in sheer shock and rage.

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The mother of the child, who was 18 years old at the time, moved in with the father of the child, who was 21 years old, into an apartment in Incheon, Korea in March 2019. Unfortunately, the integration of their lives did not go as smoothly as they had hoped — and the couple began fighting a lot. By May 2019, the two had given up on working on their relationship, as well as taking care of the child.

The Couple’s Apartment

And as the relationship fell apart, the couple became more irresponsible. Both the mother and the father would leave the 7-month-old child home alone with two large dogs in the apartment, while they went out and about their lives. According to the reports from the first round of trials, the couple’s apartment reeked of undisposed trash and dog feces when the authorities arrived — after the tragedy took place.

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The downfall began on May 25, 2019, when the couple fed the child for the last time before both leaving the apartment. They had each checked themselves into motels so they could stay away from each other. When the mother briefly returned the next day, she noticed that the child had been hurt by the Siberian husky that was left in the same room with the child. Even though she saw the cuts and bruises on the child’s face, arms, and legs, she disregarded it and left. The mother did call the father as she left the apartment though. Here’s how that conversation went:

Mother: What are you going to do about the baby?
Father: She is not my business.
Mother: Not mine either.

Then, on May 27, the father of the child returned to the apartment — not to take care of the child, but to snap pictures of the fridge that he wanted to sell for money for room and alcohol. He left as soon as he grabbed what he needed. From then on, neither the mother nor the father returned to the apartment. In the meanwhile, the mother shared several pictures of herself partying and drinking out with friends.

The Mother’s Facebook Post on May 27, 2019

The couple finally came back to the apartment on May 31, six days after they last fed the child. The child had already passed from starvation and dehydration. Rather than getting help or taking care of the situation, the father of the child placed the child’s body in a paper box and left.

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The same night he boxed his own dead child, he used his cellphone to log into an adult website to watch porn. The mother also grabbed her curling iron, hopped over the paper box, and left the apartment. By 11PM, she posted on Facebook, “For three days in a row, I’m having such shitty things happen to me.”

The Mother’s Facebook Post on May 31, 2019

The child was found by the grandmother on her mother’s side on June 2, 2019. The grandparents held a funeral for the baby, to which the father and the mother did not attend. The reports claim, “The parents stated they meant to report the death and hold a funeral for the baby soon.” The reports also claim, however, that the parents were too hung over from partying the night before and missed the funeral entirely.

The Couple, Arrested

The initial verdict sentenced the father of the child to 20 years in prison and the mother of the child to 7-15 years. Because the prosecution did not appeal, the second round of trials will not be able to increase the length of these sentences. Thus, the father will serve a maximum of 20 years, while the mother will most likely serve 7 years in prison. While the final verdict on the appeal is yet to be announced on March 26, 2020, Korean netizens who have come across this story are completely appalled by how a precious life had been so hopelessly lost… and how the consequences “seem far too lenient.”

  • “I’m reading this with my 5 month old daughter in my arms… and I’m crying. Babies are so precious, yet they starved one to death? They are not humans… Why are they even alive? They better be struck with karma.”
  • “Poor baby… T-T I can’t believe they appealed for less years too. They have no conscience and they have nasty personalities.”
  • “So the baby and the dogs all starved for 6 days? They are out of their minds, seriously…”
  • “21 year old with an 18 year old… This is so frustrating.”
  • “And people like these serve their sentences, come back out into the society, get married again, have children again, and live on…”
  • “That’s not human. Even animals have more compassion than this.”
Source: THEQOO and Chosun News