Korean Food Influencer Admits She Earns Enough To Fly To Japan For A Day…Just To Eat Ramen

Here’s what else “mukstagramers” like her can afford 💸

Not all Instagram food influencers make it big, but when they do, they can earn more than the average office worker.

This has never been more true than with Lee Hye Min and Park Shin Yong, two mukstagramers (mukbang + Instagramers) who have 114,000 and 88,000 followers on Instagram respectively.

Lee Hye Min (left) and Park Shin Yong (right)

They recently sat down for an interview with YouTube channel AYO, where they were asked about their incomes from the job.

How much do you get paid for advertising? Is it enough to live without a job?


Based on Lee Hye Min’s personal experience, it’s possible to make Instagram your main job if you are hard working and dedicated.

My main job is mukstagram. I think you can make as much as you work, so you can live without a main job if you work hard.

— Lee Hye Min

She earns so much, in fact, that if she were craving Japanese ramen, she could hop on a plane that very day just to eat it!

If I’m in the mood for Japanese ramen today, I can go to Japan and come back in the same day.

— Lee Hye Min

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On the other hand, Park Shin Yong still works a regular job, but he also makes a comfortable living out of Instagram. He earns enough to freely order anything he wants in a restaurant without worrying about the price.

I have my main job, but I’m doing mukstagram on the side. I think I can order anything on the menu if I like the menu. It’s no joke here as well. We eat well!

— Park Shin Yong

Apart from discussing their incomes, Park Shin Yong and Lee Hye Min also demonstrated the huge difference editing photos can make. Check it out here:

The Mind-Blowing Difference Photoshopping Food Makes, As Shown By Korean Food Influencers

Source: YouTube

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