The Mind-Blowing Difference Photoshopping Food Makes, As Shown By Korean Food Influencers

And they just used convenience store food!

You may have experienced it before. For some reason, the photos you take of your food never seem to look as delicious as the ones posted on Instagram.

| @mat_bangee/Instagram

Why do they turn out so differently? To answer this question, a netizen asked two popular food influencers on an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” to reveal their secret.

Instagram food photos: The colors are so bright that they’re noticeable. What do you touch them with?

— Korean netizen

Lee Hye Min and Park Shin Yong were more than happy to spill the beans!

Lee Hye Min (left) and Park Shin Yong (right)

It’s one thing to explain it with words and another to show it themselves, so before the interview, they visited a convenience store and bought instant food.

When they came back, they set their purchases on the table and brought out a portable light. As food vloggers, they always carry one around with them.

Park Shin Yong bought ramen, a half-boiled egg, and frozen chicken. After preparing the food, he went on to plate them. He placed the chicken and egg on top of the ramen.

The moment he edited the photo, a subtle difference could immediately be seen. It looked more vibrant and appetizing.

Raw picture (left). Photoshopped picture (right).

On the other hand, Lee Hye Min bought ramen, pork cutlet kimbap, skewers, and a bag of corn chips.

Her photoshop skills were also put to the test, and she delivered!

The skewers appeared crispier, and the ramen looked more flavorful.

Raw picture (left). Photoshopped picture (right).

When asked to give advice, Park Shin Yong shared that he only edits his photos through Instagram if the lighting in the area is already good. He also just uses his cellphone to take pictures. No fancy camera needed!

I usually use a variety of apps, but there’s a broadcasting light and this light here, so I just edited it on Instagram this time. When I take pictures, I only take pictures with my basic iPhone camera.

— Park Shin Yong

| @pig_wave/Instagram

Lee Hye Min, however, always uses a separate app, and she makes sure to edit her photos at least twice.

I use a separate editing app. You don’t edit it just once but two or three times. I think that’s why the colors come out brighter.

— Lee Hye Min

The food may have been purchased from a convenience store, but Lee Hye Min and Park Shin Yong managed to make it look more expensive and delicious—and only with the help of their phone!

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Source: YouTube

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