The Sad Reason Why Korean Gangsters Viciously Attack Homeless People At Night

It’s one of the most dangerous risks of being homeless in Korea.

Through Asian Boss‘s series The Voiceless, the outlet spoke with a homeless Korean man who shed light on just how dangerous it was to live on the streets—especially with gangsters around.

Seong Weon Sang, who’s lived on the streets for six years following a permanent injury to his dominant hand, named gangsters as one of the most dangerous parts of being homeless. He revealed that they lurk the streets “late at night” and have one specific goal in mind.

That goal was taking the money of others. Seong Weon Sang said, “For example, if there are homeless people who got money from begging, the gangsters will ask them for the money.

If the homeless person doesn’t hand it over, it quickly becomes violent. He continued, “They hit us if we don’t give them money.” Seong Weon Sang then revealed how vicious the attacks are.

He noted how horrible the bruising can be, “In the mornings, you can see people with messed up faces or swollen eyes.” It was made worse by the fact that Korea’s homeless population is generally in their fifties, meaning that injuries are more severe.

On top of being treated inhumanely by Koreans for being homeless, they have to face the wrath of gangsters who beat them up nightly to take their earnings. Listen to Seong Weon Sang give a peek into the harsh reality of being homeless in Korea.

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