Korean Girl Asks For Advice After Being Called Ugly In Comparison To Her Friend

The world can be so cruel at times.

A Korean girl looked for support online, due to being constantly judged by strangers on the street when walking with her beautiful friend.

“My friend is so much prettier than me. She even has a nice body. I can tell when I walk with her, all these boys would look from afar and I could tell what they were saying from there lips. ‘Wow look at her, she’s really pretty… But look at that girl next to her, she’s so fuc*ing ugly.'”


She was shocked when it first happened and explained to everyone how she felt when she saw it happen for the first time.

“When that happened the first time, my head went blank. I don’t know if my friend heard them too or not. Anyways since that was the first time, my mind was blank and my hands were shaking too.”


When it happened to her again and again, she was shocked at how similar it was to the first time. She knew it was not an isolated case.

“But then that happened like 10 more times. People would say stuff like: ‘Wow look at her, she’s so pretty but look at that girl next to her. Wow, the difference is quality is different. I bet she strings her along on purpose so she looks prettier.'”


She couldn’t understand why people were being so hurtful and was deeply scarred by the comments.

“I would hear stuff like this over and over again. I know I’m not as pretty or prettier than my friend. I know that. But what bugs me is that… people could carelessly say that just freely as if it were nothing. That’s why I don’t like going outside anymore because I’m scared.”


Her “solution” to the problem only made things worse, effecting her mental well-being severely.

“If I have to go outside, I just put my head down. If I see anyone I know, I put my head down even more. I feel like people laughing in the streets are mocking my looks too now. I recently got better but then I was walking with one of my other friends and the same thing happened. Now I’m even in a worse state.”


Netizens offered their opinions and advice after reading her heartbreaking story. Everyone was supportive and equally shocked at how she was being treated.

“Do those guys mocking you think they’re good looking? I wonder what their thought process is.”

“Our country is like that. People judge each other’s physical appearance so easily even though it’s complete strangers doing it to each other. Our country likes to compare A and B a lot. It’s not just looks… It’s grades, family, background etc. Everything.”

“Those people are empty-headed, brain-dead children. I know it will continue to bother you but try to not feel too down. Those people are fuc*ing idiots.”

“Don’t feel too down because of those guys. It’s a waste to pay attention to their worthless opinions.”

“That’s why going to a co-ed high school is bad in my opinion. The judging is out of control.”

“Why are there so many guys likes that?”

“Try to ignore them, their insides are ugly. That’s why they say ugly things. You’re not ugly. They’re ugly.”

Source: Nate Pann

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