Korean Girl Going To A Co-Ed School For The First Time, Asks For Advice Because She’s Nervous AF

This girl was all of us when she confessed how nervous she was about interacting with boys.

A girl who has only ever attended an all-girls school is freaking out about moving to a co-ed one – so she asked on a Korean forum for tips to help her interact with boys.

“I’m going to a co-ed school… I’m trembling. Please give me tips ㅠㅠㅠㅠ For three years I’ve had no boys in my class and suddenly there will be boys in my world… I’m tense and I don’t know what to do…” — Original poster


And it turns out a lot of girls have had the same fear of boys, with many giving similar advice – to just do you, focus on your studies, and not worry about what the boys say or want. (Oh, and that boys are mostly annoying.)

  • “Don’t pay attention to the boys asking for you to do things or your fantasies of what it will be like being around them. Just live and you’ll get used to it.”

  • “I felt it too when I was at a co-ed school. Ignore what the other kids are saying. If I paid attention to every single thing the boys did or said I would have dropped out ages ago.”


  • “It’s case-by-case but sometimes the boys are nice sometimes they’re just annoying.”

  • “Two years ago my class was really nice, but last year I didn’t like going to school because the boys and the girls were horrible. I hope this year the kids in my class will be nice and I’ll make long-time friends.”

  • “There’s always one jerk who treats the girls badly and makes the atmosphere murky…”


Others warned about how much flirting there will be and that girls change around boys so there might be bullying.

  • “I don’t think there’s a girl who doesn’t talk behind your back.”
  • “It’s really case-by-case but there will be lots of flirting.”
  • “At the beginning of the semester, don’t associate with those that give you a bad feeling… objectively look and meet those people that seem okay. Don’t be shy and don’t be awkward in front of guys… just do what your friends do and comfortably interact… don’t get to know just anyone!”


But most encouraged her to ignore the boys and get on with her life!

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