Korean Influencer Gains Attention For Looking Like Stray Kids’ Hyunjin… But There’s A Catch

The rising influencer’s handsome visuals caused a buzz among netizens.

In February 2022, three gorgeous influencer siblings appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Twin brothers Ho and Gon are joined by their older sister Heil in carefully posed pictures and advertisements and frequently post about social awareness and environmental issues.

(From left:) Ho, Heil, and Gon | @hogonheil/Instagram

The three siblings promote under the combined name HOGONHEIL and their visuals have earned them numerous comparisons to different K-Pop idols.

Older sister Heil has been compared to aespa‘s Karina and (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon

Heil | @hogonheil/Instagram
| @hogonheil/Instagram
Comments about Heil on HOGONHEIL’s Instagram.

… while her younger brother Ho has overwhelmingly been compared to Stray KidsHyunjin.

Gon (left) and Ho (right) | @hogonheil/Instagram
Ho | @hogonheil/Instagram
Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Comments under almost all of Ho’s pictures mention his resemblance to Hyunjin, but there’s a plot twist.

Comments under Ho’s photos on HOGONHEIL’s Instagram.

The influencer trio, who have appeared in an ad for Volvo cars in Korea and have gained over 13,700 followers on Instagram, are virtual models.

HOGONHEIL advertising Won Soju in April 2022 | @hogonheil/Instagram
| Volvo Car Korea/YouTube 

Over time, their 3D art has become more realistic, leading many to confuse them for real people depending on the photo.

| @hogonheil/Instagram

The virtual trio was created to “reflect the image of Gen Z who want to practice correct behavior based on their awareness of social issues and care about environmental concerns.

They were even named one of Korea’s top virtual social media influencers of 2023.

With virtual models, influencers, and even idols in Korea continuing to increase, it will be interesting to see how the use of virtual celebrities and influencers advances.

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Stray Kids

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