Korean Man Climbs 16 Stories On The Outside Wall of His Ex-Girlfriend’s Apartment Building After Breakup: Ex’s Sister Captures It All On Camera

He then went on to break into her unit and camp out on her patio.

South Korea’s Cheongju District Court sentenced a man in his 20s to two years in prison…

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…after he was arrested for climbing up the outside wall of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment building and breaking into her unit on the 16th floor.

Apartment complex in Cheongju, Korea | Dabang

Back in 2020, when the man was arrested, the news reports did not reveal much about what happened. The ex-girlfriend’s younger sister, however, took to the internet and shared shocking photos and videos from the unbelievable experience.

The man outside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment unit patio. | cocstorage via DC Inside
| cocstorage via DC Inside

In the video, the man can be seen struggling to get the patio window open—all the while balancing outside on top of the unit’s air conditioning condenser unit. The sister explained, “He even urinated all over the patio; I think he camped out there.”

He climbed up the outside wall of the apartment building. He opened the window and broke into the unit where my family and I live together. He even urinated all over the patio; I think he camped out there.

— Younger Sister

According to the sister and other police investigations, the man showed up at the apartment complex after his ex-girlfriend stopped responding to his phone calls. When the ex-girlfriend locked him out of the unit, he decided to climb up the outside wall—using the outdoor air conditioning condenser units to make his way up 16 stories.

A typical Korean apartment building with condenser units installed outside the patio. | OhMyNews

When the terrifying pictures and videos from 2020 resurfaced online via Twitter and other online communities, the sister also resurfaced…

…to share what Korean netizens dubbed “even worse news” than the news of his arrest.

This tweet has since been deleted. | theqoo via Twitter

This is my place… I’m the one who took these pictures. We’re on the 16th floor, not the 14th. And that bast*rd was released from prison this year. It turned out that he had a track record of assault, stalking, and theft… Anyway, I shared these pictures last year-ish. I’m surprised to see them circulating on Twitter. He hasn’t returned for revenge or anything yet. So we’re still alive. But we’re always going to be anxious.

— Younger Sister

Female netizens expressed great concern for the ex-girlfriend, the sister, and themselves—pointing out how “it isn’t safe anywhere anymore.”

| theqoo
  • “That must have been TERRIFYING. I’m concerned for the sister who took the pictures.”
  • “It would’ve sucked for him to fall to his death, too, because then the sisters would have had to live with that trauma.”
  • “Wow… What the f*ck? At that point, though… Isn’t it self-defense to push him off? Like, sh*t. That’s f*cking SCARY.”
  • “I hope these photos and videos resurfacing isn’t going to trigger the dude all over again… Now I’m worried about the window where my condenser unit is. I used to leave it open, but I think I’m going to leave it locked from now on.”
  • “I’m bamboozled. WTF?”

Some even asked the sister to remove all pictures and videos of the man to prevent potential revenge, since he has been released from prison.

| theqoo
  • “What the actual heck is this…?”
  • Sigh… Between this dude wall-climbing 16 stories to stalk his ex-girlfriend and the other one who swung the airplane door open mid-flight… I don’t even know what to think now. What’s going to happen to us?”
  • “Life is ALWAYS so much worse than imagination. F*ck.”
  • “What the hell? This lunatic!”
  • “Wow… Some men are REALLY sick in the head, huh? And they don’t give a single f*ck about their own lives? Because otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked at the building and thought, ‘I should climb this.’ Wow…”
Source: Kookmin Ilbo, cocstorage and theqoo

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