Korean Man Freaks Out About His Girlfriend’s Menstrual Cup… And The Internet Can’t Handle The Stupidity

“You should throw the boyfriend away. Okay?”

In a previous episode of Ssen My Way, featuring hosts Cheetah and Brown Eyed GirlsJeA, one anonymous Korean woman A’s trouble with her boyfriend ended up leaving everyone baffled AF.

A, who introduced herself as a woman in her 20s, shared, “The quality of my life has greatly improved, thanks to menstrual cups.” Yet, while she could not have been any happier with this “reusable feminine hygiene product”, her boyfriend found it simply unacceptable.

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight over me using a menstrual cup though…

— A

When A’s boyfriend found A’s menstrual cup stowed away for her next cycle, he panicked. A commented, “He found my menstrual cup and asked me what it is, so I explained how the cup is used.” Unfortunately, the pure thought of such a harmless rubber cup entering A’s vagina drove A’s boyfriend into absolute shock and horror.

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He got mad and asked, ‘How could you fit something this huge inside of you? Are you sure this is not some sort of a sex toy? Why didn’t you talk to me first and get my permission before buying something like this?’ He then took my menstrual cup with him, saying that he is going to throw it away.

— A

Since then, A shared, she and her boyfriend have not spoken to each other. But in hopes of understanding where her boyfriend is coming from, A looked up male reactions to menstrual cups — only to find more men seeing the product solely in association with sex.

I came across comments like, ‘Using menstrual cups is impossible for virgins’ and ‘Wearing the cup 24 hours a day stretches out the vagina’… and realized a lot of guys don’t know about menstrual cups at all. Could it have been that my boyfriend was also clueless?

— A

Upon hearing A’s story, Cheetah and JeA called out the boyfriend’s immaturity for “being jealous of a menstrual cup” and set the facts straight for the “clueless” men out there.

How in the world would a menstrual cup bring any pleasure to serve as a sex toy? It is literally the same thing as pads that are used for periods. Do you hear me?

— Cheetah

Cheetah schooled the boyfriend, “Your girlfriend’s vagina exists for many other functions, not only for your penis.” Then proceeded to recommend that A should not waste her time trying to convince the boyfriend.

You said he’s going to throw the cup away, right? In which case, you should also throw the boyfriend away. Okay? The menstrual cup costs like $30, right? Think of that $30 as a small fee you paid to have that big piece of trash taken out of your life.

— A

Viewers also commented that A deserves so much better than this boyfriend — who decided he wants to compete against a menstrual cup.

  • “That menstrual cup saved your life, girl. You should break up with that boyfriend of yours. Just think of it as your ancestors looking out for you.”
  • “I don’t think we live in a time when ‘He didn’t know because he’s a man’ is a valid excuse anymore. He could have Googled. He probably heard other women talk about it… And fine, even if he didn’t know, that is not A’s fault. What right does he have to get mad? And if he really didn’t know, how could he have said all those things about something he is so unaware of? This makes no sense.”
  • “I never leave comments, usually… but here I am. Why would A ‘need permission’ to use a menstrual cup? Because he thought it was a sex toy? But does he get permission when he masturbates? (So to speak.) A menstrual cup is a hygienic product… Please don’t be so dumb.”

  • “I doubt there exists a single woman who finds excitement in inserting a menstrual cup up her vagina… Why is he competing against a rubber cup? He’s such an idiot. He knows nothing about the female body. Does he think we find a cup up our vaginas sexy?”
  • “Or… you know, maybe he feels threatened by the cup because he’s that small in size.”
  • “Did he call a menstrual cup ‘something huge’…? I think he should probably reconsider how he defines sizes. Maybe his dick is so small that he can’t grasp the idea.”

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