Korean Man Got Drunk And Stole A Kumamon Suit… Here’s How That Played Out The Next Morning

“Why is this in my house…?”

On Guri City’s “Community” Facebook page, created for locals to share announcements anonymously, a confused barkeep posted this:

If you’re the one who ran away in our Kumamon suit last night, please return it to the bar where you found it.

— Barkeep

When the post went live on the page, fellow Gury City residents who witnessed the mysterious Kumamon-on-the-run shared some video footage of that night too. This particular one captured the drunk Kumamon running into a sign and then politely apologizing to it before waddling off:

Thanks to the power of the internet, a Korean man came forward and admitted that he took Kumamon home after having one too many drinks…

… except he had no idea how, why, and from where!

Hey, I’m so sorry T-T I don’t usually do this… but I have no idea why this is in my house. I really do want to return it to you… So if you could please let me know where I stole this from, that would be great…!

— Kumamon Thief

The barkeep responded with the address of the bar — and the man promised to bring the suit back later that day.

Barkeep: We’re at (address). We’ll treat you to a soda or something when you bring it back. I’m so glad you kept it though. At least you didn’t throw it away somewhere.
Friend: LMAO. This f*cking idiot.
Man: I’m so sorry T-T I will bring it back around 8 o’clock today. And really, I should be the one bringing you a drink.

When the internet had questions about how the man got home in the Kumamon suit, he shared he actually “took a cab home”…

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… and that left netizens with even more questions for the Kumamon thief!

In case you’re wondering, Kumamon had safely been returned home — thanks to the very  man who had taken it on the wildest adventure!

Let’s get you home to your mom.

— Kumamon Thief

Source: THEQOO and Facebook