Korean Mother Leaves Her Family And Goes Missing For Weeks… And The Reason Will Fill Your Bones With Rage

Warning: This article contains detailed information on domestic violence.

For over two months, this Korean woman, Eun Ja, has been standing outside the Iksan train station in the North Jeolla Province of Korea, desperately looking for her older sister Kyung Ja. Eun Ja has been handing out flyers, none of which have been helpful — and when she reached her wit’s end, she reached out to True Stories for help.

Eun Ja revealed it was one day in January 2020 when Kyung Ja disappeared into thin air. Around 5:30AM, when everyone else in the family remained fast asleep, Kyung Ja left her apartment with a basket of trash to be thrown out. The elevator surveillance cameras caught her getting on and off…

… only to never return again. The police, who got involved when the family filed a missing person’s report once they woke up and realized Kyung Ja is gone, found the final traces of Kyung Ja. By a river that flows at least an hour walk away from the apartment, Kyung Ja was seen limping away. Eun Ja pointed out, “My sister doesn’t have a limp. She must have been injured.”

The river is dry and the water is shallow right now. So we’re not considering the possibility of her drowning or taking her own life or anything like that. We’re still looking though. We’ve shared the missing person’s report with the neighboring regions.

— Police

True Stories and the viewers couldn’t help but wonder: So what led Kyung Ja to leave behind her family of two children and a son-in-law? That’s when Eun Ja revealed the most shocking reason anyone could have ever imagined. She blamed Kyung Ja’s son-in-law, “A”, to be the “pure evil” behind Kyung Ja’s decision to run away from home.

Reportedly, Kyung Ja had her son-in-law A move in to her apartment — to live with her, her daughter “B” and her son “C”. Having raised B and C alone for the past two decades after her own marriage ended in a divorce, Kyung Ja gladly took A under her wings when B got married to him. Unfortunately, that marked the beginning of the end. Since six months ago, when the four of them began sharing the place, Kyung Ja had been physically abused by A, B, and C. Her neighbors recalled, “Kyung Ja had a bruised face one day. When she was asked about what happened, she lied that she fell down. But when her face healed, she had new bruises on her arms.”

The son, C, revealed in his interview with True Stories, “A beat her every single day. He would call her over, make her stand against a wall, then beat her with a wooden stick. Mom would cry and beg him to stop — but he would beat her until she turned blue.”

A set up rules around the house. My mom had to wake up at 5AM every morning to clean the house, do the dishes, and make breakfast. If she failed to follow the rules, he would beat her. Or sometimes, he would harass her in other ways. He either starved her or gave her too much food to finish in one sitting. He would watch her until she finished like four-people’s portion of food. He also banned her from using the restroom. When my mom complained, she would be beaten again.

— C

C additionally confessed, most of the time his sister and he would watch the brutality. But sometimes, they had to take part in the beating.

My sister and I took part in the abusing too. A would force me to beat my mom. I couldn’t help but do what he said because I was scared he would hurt me too.

— C

When Eun Ja found out about the nastiest sins that went down in Kyung Ja’s apartment, she immediately separated C from A and B. The couple, who first opposed to being filmed on the show, soon came to admit that they “have been monsters” to Kyung Ja — for a reason.

Kyung Ja had a drinking problem. And before I moved in, she kept the house extremely dirty. That’s why I made her promise me to follow the rules… And she said she would try. We all promised we would try together. But when she broke the promise and began drinking again, I started to beat her.

— A

Eun Ja scoffed at the couple’s confession and revealed that Kyung Ja’s “drinking problem” could rarely had been the reason. She commented, “Recently, Kyung Ja became a different person. She began saying things to me that she would never have before.” It turned out, over the six months Kyung Ja had begun living with A, she was constantly pushed to take out loans in her name, as A’s leisure funds.

The amount had accumulated up to $30,000 USD — and it all went to be used carelessly by the couple. C added, “A would kick her out of the apartment, demanding that she brings back money. When she couldn’t gather enough money to satisfy A, she would be beaten all over again.”

We used the money to buy a new TV and bed… we also used it to go on trips and stuff.

— B

With Kyung Ja nowhere to be found, Eun Ja and the other relatives have taken the son-in-law A, the daughter B, and the son C to court — for domestic violence, confinement, and extortion.

A has been identified as the perpetrator in the case. He has been summoned for investigation on March 27, 2020. B and C have also come in and been investigated thoroughly for their actions.

— Police

Fortunately, after True Stories produced the episode, the police notified Eun Ja that her sister had been located. In a neighboring city of Jungeup, Kyung Ja has been taking shelter at a good samaritan’s home. While Kyung Ja still seemed traumatized from the whole experience, she showed will to move past the horrors.

I’ve been okay. The person helping me has kept me safe. And no, I have not spoken to my children yet. But I’m not going to stay here. I’m going to stay where I want now.

— Kyung Ja

Eun Ja noted, “At this point, we’re all grateful that she’s alive. I hope, wherever she decides to stay, she stays strong and happy.” The viewers resonated with Eun Ja’s sentiment — and felt relieved that Kyung Ja is safe and sound. On the other hand, they couldn’t hide the anger toward A, B, and C for taking advantage of family in the ugliest way possible.

Source: THEQOO