Korean Netizens Noticed Something Strange About All SM Entertainment’s Older Music Videos

International fans knew for years!

For international fans, one of the first things we notice on a video is whether or not subtitles have been added. For songs, we want to know what the lyrics actually mean and in other videos, we just want to know what’s being said! But every international fan of SM Entertainment knew that at one point, there was just no hope for subbed content on their videos.


While we’ve all known this for a while, it’s recently caught the attention of Korean netizens who are astonished to find out that none of the videos from SM Entertainment artists come with subs.


And since SM Entertainment houses huge powerhouses like EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, and SHINee they are completely bewildered as to why the company hasn’t added subs for international fans.


It came to their attention shortly after they realized that almost every group from other companies had closed caption options on their videos.


On top of that, subs would either already be on the video as soon as it was uploaded or would be added shortly after.


Since noticing the trend, Korean netizens have been calling out the company and giving some support to the plight of international fans all over the world.

  • “I thought people were only talking about their public broadcasting, but it seems like they can’t even get it right on YouTube either.”

  • “Are they seriously part of the big 3?”

  • “They are such a big company but act like a small company.”

  • “Why do they bother having English subtitles when they don’t even bother to put up subs for international fans?”

  • “I don’t know what their thinking. It’s like they don’t realize there are other fans. I mean, there are a ton of comments saying, ‘Eng please for international fans.'”


But what some fans might not know is that SM Entertainment actually did start actively subbing content. The problem is it wasn’t on their main videos or even on their main YouTube channel, they actually have a second channel linked to their first called !t Live.


It’s on this page that you can find some great subbed content with your favorite SM Entertainment artists. From lyric videos that show both Korean and English lines…


To interviews…


This channel actually has a surprising number of videos that come complete with subs for international fans!


Although so far the offerings are only in English, this shows that SM Entertainment is recognizing their international fanbase even if most people don’t know about it yet!


But in 2019, SM Entertainment FINALLY woke up and realized the heaps of international fans they have, adding English and other language subtitles to the music videos for Red Velvet, EXO, NCT, SHINee, and more.

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