Korean Netizens Outraged Over A Shopper Being Sexually Harassed By A Male Makeup Artist

The brand is famous for its “for women” image.

As the generations change, Korea has also begun to take harassment seriously. A shopper who claims to be a VIP+ guest at L Departmental Store in South Korea has stepped out to speak up against the sexual harassment she had faced on an innocuous shopping trip.

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On the 9th of August, the shopper stopped in her tracks, out of curiosity when she saw a makeup demonstration by American brand, E, going on in the atrium. The makeup artist then asked the crowd, if anyone used lipstick even with a mask on. The shopper subconsciously raised her hand at the question, and the artist sought to pass a sample on to her. However, it was what the artist said that raised brows. According to her, he had said the following.

How thankful am I? It’s like you’re saying you wear pretty underwear even knowing no one will see it.

— Makeup Artist from Brand E

This photo is for illustrative purposes. | iStock

The shopper had been so shocked that she just stood there silently. Women around her as well were stunned at his words. The shopper could not just let the issue pass, and uploaded a complaint to the department store. Following which, she received a call from L Departmental Store, explaining that they would get her in contact with the brand’s manager as it was an external staff that did the demonstration, rather than the department store’s staff.

What truly angered netizens was the makeup brand E’s response to the situation. They eventually agreed on a phonecall apology from the brand to her, but the shopper felt that they should have stepped up to think of more active ways to solve the problem at large rather than focus on this as a singular issue.

As South Korea’s society progresses, many are getting more enraged over issues such as sexual harassment and assault. While this may not equal actual change just yet, it is certainly a start.

Source: theqoo