Korean Netizens Shower TWICE’s Nayeon With Compliments For Her Humor

This is hilarious!

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Dahyun recently made a guest appearance in Knowing Brothers with Park Jinyoung.

One game they had to play during the broadcast was to guess the given word through communicating with each other while wearing a pair of headphones with music playing.

In one round, the given word was “Leonardo Dicaprio,” and Nayeon had to make Park Jinyoung guess the word.

What Nayeon said was something no one expected, but definitely made everyone laugh! She automatically told Park Jinyoung that the name given is an actor that looked like him!

Because of this one sentence, Park Jinyoung was able to correctly guess the given word! The sentence seemed like Nayeon gave the answer away because Park Jinyoung automatically knew who the answer was right away!

The cast of the show laughed their feet off because of this and Korean netizens are praising Nayeon for her humor!

Source: Nate Pann


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