Korean Reporter Reveals BTS Need Respirators After Exhausting Themselves On Stage

“BTS really do burn themselves out completely when they’re on stage.”

In a recent video by K-POP IDOLCHART, three Korean entertainment reporters got together to share their behind-the-scene stories from meeting and interviewing BTS members over the years of their work. And one particular story shared by reporter Jung Joon Hwa of E-Daily News is now touching the hearts of ARMYs around the world.


This E-Daily reporter shared that his sighting took place at one of the awards ceremonies at which BTS attended and performed in the past.

Was it the Golden Disk Awards? I’m not sure, but I was behind the stage when they were performing. BTS had done two or three songs before coming down from the stage.

— Jung Joon Hwa


He revealed that as soon as the members left the stage, they needed the help of portable respirators (oxygen cans) to catch their breaths.

As soon as they got off the stage, they put on these oxygen masks. You know those portable respirators? That’s how they had to catch their breaths.

— Jung Joon Hwa


The reporter commented that BTS members really do pour out everything they have on to the stage, into the performance, to the point that they are literally out of breath. His account of what happens to the members after the performance left ARMYs speechless.

It made me realize that BTS really do burn themselves out completely when they’re on stage. They hold themselves together on the stage, but when they come down, they let go and need respirators to help them breathe.

— Jung Joon Hwa


He also pointed out that, in his years of working in the field, it was the first time he had seen anything like that. He was unable to grab any interviews with the members, because they were so completely exhausted and near passing out —

I’ve never seen idols like that before… I mean, I usually do interviews when idols come down from the stage, but I couldn’t bother BTS. Not after seeing that.

— Jung Joon Hwa


— and this story made everyone realize, that this level of passion, devotion, and energy is what has fueled BTS to reach where they are now as global superstars.


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