Korean CEO Discusses BTS Jimin’s Influence On His Brand’s Hat Sales

“BTS’s Jimin has been keeping us trending.”

ARMYs may be aware of BTS Jimin‘s absolute-favorite hat, endearingly nicknamed his “Bell Hat”.


SJ Group, a Korean company that exclusively imports the popular headwear brand KANGOL, held its company-wide conference and its executive, Lee Ju Young, discussed how Jimin’s love for this Kangol bell hat helped the brand’s overall sales!


Lee Ju Young pointed out that Kangol is already a favorite brand among celebrities and that K-Pop stars love to style their outfits with Kangol’s hats:

We’re known to be a brand that doesn’t have to sponsor celebrities because they will wear our products on their own.

— Lee Ju Young


He then mentioned that Jimin is one of the many who can really rock Kangol’s headwear. Lee Ju Young acknowledged that the group’s success is largely thanks to stars like Jimin who unintentionally promote the brand by wearing it and “repping” it everywhere!

Recently, BTS’s Jimin has been wearing a lot of Kangol hats and keeping us trending.

— Lee Ju Young


In fact, this particular “Bell Hat” (officially named the Kangol Pom Casual) has long been sold out, thanks to Jimin and many other celebrities — including Jimin’s teammates! The grey pom casual actually belonged to J-Hope


… before Jimin permanently borrowed it from him.


RM also has an impressive collection of Kangol berets that he likes to boast on stage:


And so does V. His gorgeousness in this red Kangol hat has left many ARMYs speechless before.


So it does seem, Kangol really is BTS’s favorite hat brand — Lee Ju Young was right. Could this mean a potential endorsement in the making? ARMYs can only hope. BTS would make one heck of a model for the brand though. That’s for sure!

Source: Kyungnam Daily and THEQOO