This Tattooist Uses Korean Traditional Patterns In Her Designs And Foreigners Are In Love

Check out these beautiful tats!

South Korean tattoo artist Sion, with the Instagram handle of @tattooist_sion, does gorgeous designs that incorporate Korean traditional patterns and items and foreigners are in love with the aesthetics!

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Whale with red strings. #tattooistsion

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A lot of tattooist Sion’s work are based on the “Norigae (노리개, a decoration worn with the Korean traditional hanbok clothing)”. Here is what a typical norigae would look like worn in real life…



… and here is how the talented artist turned it into a tattoo design. By adding lotus or magnolia flowers and other oriental charms like cranes, tattooist Sion turn these otherwise very traditional items into some of the most beautiful and chic tattoo designs!

From small and simple to large and fancy, Sion’s work really captures the eye. The creativity behind these designs are more than enough to wow her clients!

Sion also works with the shape of traditional handheld fans. Such unique designs have captivated the hearts of foreigners looking for special tattoos. Her recent work has been a huge success and she has international fans from all over the globe asking her to come and work her magic!

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Flowing black stringed peony fan

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